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"I  grew up in the Army because both of my parents were Army officers. My parents instilled in me the importance of duty, service and civic responsibility.  The lessons I learned growing up drive my desire to serve the good citizens of Bowie.  As your mayor, I will embrace Smart Growth principles, provide needed infrastructure, and work to protect our environment."


Strictly apply Smart Growth Principles on all development proposals
Smart Growth Principles

In 1996, I supported Mayor Allen’s referendum question seeking citizen support for expanding the contract the City had with Prince George’s County.  This was thought necessary due to the high response times from the County’s Police Department.  Unfortunately, the question failed.

In 2005, I supported and actively campaigned for the referendum question seeking citizen approval for the creation of a new Bowie Police Department.This effort won overwhelming support from our voters.

I along with the Mayor and my colleagues worked with the City Manager and other senior staff to create the successful department that we have today.Since this was a new undertaking, it presented unique challenges and amazing opportunities.From its inception, the priority was doing what was best for the Citizens of the City.We hired talented and professional staff including the first Police Chief, Katherine Perez, Assistant Police Chief John Nesky and numerous officers and sergeants.Council ensured them that were properly trained and equipped so that they could well serve our residents.

During my time on the Council, I fully and unfalteringly support the growth and development of Bowie’s Police Department.I believe that we have a unit that our Citizens can be proud of.As Mayor, I will continue the strong support for our men in blue and ensure that they have all of the necessary resources so that they can continue the fine service that our residents expect and deserve.


Make Bowie a regional leader of Environmental Stewardship (Green Bowie)

Bowie has a great reputation for being environmentally conscientious.  Our efforts not only improve the look and health of our neighborhoods but they are recognized by regional and state organizations.  While recognition and accolades are nice, we need to increased our efforts locally so that we reduce our impact of the changing environment.

Green Bowie, the City’s Trail Plan, and Complete Streets should be the beginning of a bigger plan for the City.We need to work towards the conversion of our fleet to be electric vehicles (EV); towards increasing the square footage of our solar collectors and towards cleaning up and protecting our environment.


Continue efforts to increase the City’s autonomy with the ultimate goal being our own Zoning & Planning Authority


Many councils over the years have made incremental progress in obtaining more authority.  While progress has been made, there is much yet to do if we are going to be successful.

It is human nature to hold onto power once it is obtained.As a result, it is understandable that those in Upper Marlboro would be reluctant to cede it back to the City.We need to establish positive relationships at the County and State level to achieve our goal.We also need to demonstrate that we have the ability and wherewithal to exercise this authority.That is a goal worthy to pursue and one that I am ready to take on.


Work to implement an Arts & Entertainment District in Huntington 


Earlier this year, Dustan Kazan and others had a goal of establishing an Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District in Huntington.  Numerous meetings have been held and the residents of Old Bowie have been included in the development of the plan.  Many are enthused by this vision.

This is a worthy goal for the next Mayor and Council.Succeeding in the creation of the A&E District will give a big boost to the community; they will see that we care and support Old Town Bowie.


Responsibly maintain our parks and recreational facilities


We have much to be proud of in our City.  The quality of life is unmatched in the region.  The services that we provide our citizens are some of the best in the area.  But there is more to what makes Bowie so special.

Bowie is truly a great place to live, to work, to play, and to raise a family.But having good services from the City is not the only reason.A major reason is the wide range in amenities that are available in the City.The numerous fields, courts, and ice arena are just a few of the recreational amenities that benefit and enrich our population.The schools, churches, and libraries add to the mosaic of the City.We have parks and the Theater in the Woods and the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts to entertain us.We must be diligent in maintaining all of these facilities so that all of the residents of our great City can enjoy.

The next council, as well as future ones, need to preserve and protect these amenities.A plan to responsibly modernize our parks and facilities needs to be developed and implemented.


Advocate for construction of a new High School and improvements to existing schools 


A little over a decade ago, a second High School for Bowie was nearly a reality.  While public meetings were being held to educate our residents about its location (Board of Education property on Mitchellville Road), the areas expected to be impacted by it, and the likely schedule for its construction, some were working to undermine the decision. In the end, politics won and the school was never built.

It is time to resurrect the plans for the High School.  But to accomplish it, the data needs to be analyzed and the citizenry needs to become energized about its need.  With elected leaders and the citizen activists, it is achievable.  We need a concerted effort to achieve this goal.  This is something that I have achieved and something that I will do as Mayor.

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