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Councilman Brady grew up in the Army.  Both of his parents were regular Army officers stationed in Europe during World War II.  After the war, they married and started a family.  The Councilman is the middle child of seven.  He was born at Ft. McClellan, Alabama and moved around the country and to France as his father changed duty stations.  He considers Fayetteville, NC as his home.


The Councilman’s parents instilled in him the importance of duty, service and civic responsibility.  The lessons learned growing up drive his desire to serve the good citizens of Bowie.


Having grown up in the “Army”, the Councilman decided to enlisted in the US Navy.  He attended Electronic Technician School, Nuclear Power School and Nuclear Prototype.  He spent six patrols onboard the Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine USS Alexander Hamilton, SSBN-617.


Upon being Honorably Discharged, the Councilman enrolled at North Carolina State University.  He attended classes year-round in pursuit of two degrees.  He graduated with Bachelor of Science Degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Nuclear Engineering.


After finishing college, he moved to Maryland.  One year later, he married his wife, Kathy.  He met her while attending Nuclear Power School at the Naval Training Center, Bainbridge.


The Councilman and his wife moved to Bowie when he took a position at Calvert Cliffs with Baltimore Gas and Electric.  His final position was as Electrical Engineer in the Reactor Engineering Group at the 20 MW Test Reactor at National

Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  In 2015, he retired from NIST with 30 years of government service.

While he changed jobs, the Councilman and his wife, Kathy, chose to remain in Bowie, a place that they fell in love with.  They truly believe that Bowie is the best place to live, to work, to play and to raise a family.  While they do not have any children of their own, they consider the seven Old English Sheepdogs (OES) that they have shared their home with as their children.  Webster and Kismet are their current family members.


In 1992, Councilman Brady was appointed to the Bowie Advisory Planning Board ((BAPB).  For two year, the BAPB considered numerous development proposals.  He developed his strong understanding of the development process, of the applicable Zoning Code, and the needs and desires of the citizens of Bowie.


In 1994, Councilman Brady ran for the open District 6 Council seat.  He proudly and effectively represented District 6 until the structure of the City’s elected officials changed in 2002.  With the change, he ran for and was elected to one of the two At-Large Council seats.  He won re-election as an At-Large Councilman for the next five elections.


The Councilman also represented the Citizens of Bowie as a regional leader.  In 2005, he was elected President of the Maryland Municipal League (MML).  Prior to his election as Present, he spent several years on the MML Board of Directors and on MML’s Legislative Committee.  In 2010, he was elected President of the Prince George’s County Municipal Association (PGCMA), a Chapter of MML.  He also spent several years on their Board of Directors.

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